The following was agreed by the Directors at a meeting on Thursday 19 March 2020.

Opening Days
Directors will not be attending club openings, if they occur, until the current medical
emergency subsides.

Club Anniversary Games
Arrangements will be made to visit clubs and present them with their decanters to mark
the anniversary as soon as practical.

Capitation Fees & Charity Donations
Clubs are liable to pay these fees whither competitions take place or not.

For clarification of the position with regard to Capitation Fees.
Prior to the onset of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the Association has incurred
expenditure in preparation for the season which need to be paid.
As the Association’s primary source of income, the Capitation Fees are required to pay these
bills and maintain a reasonable level of reserves within the Association funds.
Without this income the Association may not be able to meet their financial commitments

  1. Competitions
    Suspended at the moment
    However draws have been made and will be ready for distribution if the current crisis
    is reduced sufficiently to allow clubs to open their doors and greens.
    Priority will be given to Championship, Top 10 and Top 5 Competitions.
  2. Competition Fees
    If competitions cannot be played this year, clubs will be given the option of
    a)  Leaving the fees in situ for next years(2021) competitions
    b)  Receive a refund of Competition Fees Paid
    Please Note
    If competitions are able to proceed, clubs who have received a refund of Fees will not
    be eligible to participate since they have effectively withdrawn from this year’s
  3. Glasgow  v  Ayrshire
    under discussion at present.